June 3, 2019

Cornerstone Building Brands Names New Chief Financial Officer

CARY, NC, June 03, 2019 – Cornerstone Building Brands, Inc. (the “Company”) (NYSE: CNR), the largest manufacturer of exterior building products in North America, today announced that its Board of Directors has appointed Jeffrey S. Lee as Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer, effective June 17, 2019. Mr. Lee will assume the role from Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer Shawn K. Poe, who announced his retirement earlier this year. Mr. Lee currently holds the position of Vice President and Chief Financial Officer of Wilsonart International Holdings LLC. His experience in driving financial performance, growth, and organizational synergies are well-aligned with Cornerstone Building Brands’ commitment to delivering unparalleled financial results.

Mr. Lee will report to Cornerstone Building Brands’ Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer, James S. Metcalf and as a valuable member of the executive leadership team will oversee financial strategy and execution, as well as investor relations, while helping to drive the company’s business transformation.

“I am extremely excited to welcome Jeff to the leadership team and he will be a vital part of our growth strategy,” said James S. Metcalf. “His financial experience, strong leadership skills and his operational background make him an ideal choice for our organization.”

About Cornerstone Building Brands

Cornerstone Building Brands is the largest manufacturer of exterior building products in North America. Headquartered in Cary, North Carolina, the organization serves residential and commercial customers across new construction and repair & remodel market. As the #1 manufacturer of windows, vinyl siding, insulated metal panels, metal roofing and wall systems and metal accessories, Cornerstone Building Brands combines a comprehensive portfolio of products with an expansive national footprint that includes more than 21,000 employees at manufacturing, distribution and office locations throughout North America.

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