Brad Wendel

Director of Quality Systems
2014 – Present

As a challenge-driven individual, Brad Wendel was an ideal fit for NCI. Initially hired as a plant manager at our Salt Lake City location, Brad was surprised by the wealth of opportunities that presented themselves over his first few years with the company. And his hard work did not go unnoticed—Brad was quickly promoted and recommended for a program to help him earn his MBA and continue to grow as a leader within the organization.

At NCI, Brad has been empowered to pursue his true professional potential. He has demonstrated exemplary leadership skills as well as a passion and drive for both his career and the company. Combined, these qualities have enabled him to take on more responsibility and more senior roles in a relatively short period of time. Today he serves as Director of Quality Systems at NCI. Read his story below:


Career Milestones:

  • Plant Manager

    I was hired as plant manager of the Salt Lake City location. My experience was in management, so I came to this facility and helped manage individuals at a time when the facility was struggling.
  • What really attracted me here was the challenge. I like taking challenging environments and bringing them into order. And at the time, the business was growing and there were many opportunities for growth.
  • After about a year and a half, I was approached by the president of manufacturing and asked if I wanted to participate in the Jack Welch Management Institute to go back and get my MBA. Of course, I said yes.
  • Director of Quality Systems

    At that time, they also offered me a new position under the quality team as a Continuous Improvement Manager at the corporate level. I did that for about a year, and then was approached about the Director of Quality position.
“Anybody that has passion and an ability to work can be successful here. NCI is willing to train and help mentor individuals that want to work and want to do more than they’re now doing now.”