Elizabeth McDonald

Operations Manager
2008 – Present

When Elizabeth McDonald was first hired as an engineer at NCI, she never imagined the path her career would take. Over her first 10 years with the company, Elizabeth has filled an impressive variety of roles, from estimating and sales to operations and beyond. Over that time, she’s made great friends and worked under strong mentors who have helped make every day a unique and exciting challenge.

Throughout her career at NCI, Elizabeth has demonstrated a natural ability to lead and developed a professional skillset that has grown alongside her as she has assumed more difficult and demanding positions within the organization. She attributes this success to a willingness to jump feet-first into any and every task—all with a flair that’s distinctly her own. Read her story below:


Career Milestones:

  • Engineer

    I was hired as an Engineer at the Rocky Mount, NC office of Ceco BuildingSystems. I had intentions of coming and designing buildings, and things kind of grew from there.
  • Estimating Manager

    I later became the Estimating Manager, which involved running the department of estimators. So we put pricing on all the buildings, reviewed specs drawings, controlled margins, all those types of things.
  • District Sales Manager

    When I advanced to District Sales Manager, I was responsible for the territory of western North Carolina and all of South Carolina. I sold buildings and was also responsible for builder health.
  • Operations Manager

    And now, as Operations Manager, I oversee project management, engineering & drafting, field services and construction services. So everything post-sale up to manufacturing.
“I didn’t have any particular aspirations at first, I just wanted to be the best at whatever I was doing. If I was sweeping the floors, I wanted to be the best at it. At NCI and Ceco, they notice hard work and they reward you for it.”