Julie Rude

Director of Continuous Improvement
2002 – Present

In 2002, Julie Rude was hired to fill a week-long temp position as a Receptionist in Houston. 15 years later, she’s built a career full of unexpected twists and conquered countless challenges. Day after day, she has demonstrated a steadfast willingness to take risks and step outside her comfort zone, which has empowered her to achieve her true potential within the organization.

From one role to the next, be it Executive Assistant or Environmental Health and Safety Leader, Julie has devoted herself to expanding her professional skillset and ability to lead, even as the trajectory of her career has shifted in directions she never thought possible. To this continued success she credits the many friends and mentors who offered their encouragement and support over the years. Today, she serves as Director of Continuous Improvement. Read her story below:


Career Milestones:

  • Receptionist

    My first job for NCI was as a temp receptionist, filling in for one week at MBCI in Houston. After my first week, I was told there was an Order Entry position open that I’d be a good fit for. Even in my first week, I could see that NCI was a great place to work and applied for that position.
  • Transportation Assistant

    I worked in the Order Entry department for 90 days, after which I filled in for the Transportation Assistant, who helped dispatch trucks and worked with the corporate fleet.
  • Executive Assistant to the Vice President of Manufacturing

    I did a short stint there before a position opened for Executive Assistant to the Vice President of Manufacturing for the MBCI group. I had a lot of really great support and mentorship at that time with the fellow Executive Assistants that worked in that office.
  • As the VP of Manufacturing was promoted throughout the organization, I moved with him. First to the NCI Fairview location, then to the corporate office when he was promoted to Chief Operating Officer.
  • Environmental Health and Safety Leader

    When NCI was opening a new coil coating facility, I was offered a position as Environmental Health and Safety Leader. I went through a pretty intensive learning schedule and relocated to Middletown, Ohio with my family to take on that role, and was part of the startup team for the plant.
  • ISO Systems Manager

    Within about 18 months, I was promoted to the role of ISO Systems Manager for the Coil Coatings segment. I was responsible for the quality and environmental systems and their compliance to ISO standards for all six of the Coil Coating facilities.
  • Quality Manager

    About 18 months after that, I was offered a position locally at the Metal Coaters Ohio plant as the Quality Manager. It was a very challenging role, but I accepted it because I knew that they needed help and that I would learn a great deal about the manufacturing process.
  • Continuous Improvement Manager

    As NCI was growing its Continuous Improvement group, there was a Continuous Improvement Manager position that I pursued and held for about a year. Today as Director of Continuous Improvement, I believe that my experience at all levels of the organization and throughout many business segments gives me a unique perspective of the company that is well served in this role.
“I’m a really good example of the opportunity that NCI offers. Through my career, I went to school part-time in between meeting my husband and having my children. Last year I graduated with my bachelor’s in business management, and I did that with the help and support of the NCI tuition reimbursement program.”