Insulated Metal Panels

High-Performance Wall System in a Single Component

Insulated metal panels, or IMPs, address the four critical performance barriers – water, air, vapor, and thermal – in a single component, consisting of metal skins and a foam insulating core. Perfect for use in architectural, commercial/industrial, and cold storage industries, IMPs act simultaneously as the exterior façade, insulation, and finished interior wall, offering the most advanced protection possible over the lifespan of a building. Whether your project requires unique aesthetic or performance considerations, or even fire-resistant capabilities, our panels offer the ultimate in design freedom and flexibility.

IMPs offer an exceptional level of value when compared to traditional multi-component wall systems, including simple and easy installation, single-source responsibility, and integrated components. The high-performance panels provide superior air and moisture protection and thermal insulation in one durable, energy-efficient panel. Available in a variety of colors and finishes, IMPs create contemporary façades ideally suited for architectural and institutional applications.


Operating across the United States and Canada, Metl-Span has served the architectural, commercial, industrial, and cold storage industries since 1968.



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