Share How You’re #ConnectingCommunities Through Windows

We’ve always known that windows matter. Now during COVID-19, windows have quickly become even more important. Even though we feel isolated, our windows provide a way for communities to connect while keeping a safe distance. As the largest window manufacturer in North America, we’re honored that our windows are #ConnectingCommunities. It reminds us that we are all in this together even when we’re apart.

Show how you’re connecting with others by sharing your #ConnectingCommunities photos and tagging us on social media.

Connecting Communities Video Image

Download a Sign for Your Window

Right now, the best way to communicate through your window is with a sign. To help you communicate with loved ones, we created signs to print and post in your windows. Click your favorite below to download.

FathersDay_Coloring Page Website Thumbnail_150x150.jpg
Congrats Graduates_150x150.jpg
Joke of the Day_Boats_150x150.jpg
New! Happy Father's Day! New! Congrats! Graduates
New! Joke of the Day - Boats
Joke of the Day_Cheesy_150x150.jpg
Joke of the Day_Elsa_150x150.jpg
Joke of the Day_Firefly_150x150.jpg
New! Joke of the Day - Cheesy
New! Joke of the Day - Elsa
New! Joke of the Day - Firefly
Joke of the Day_Forest Gump_150x150.jpg
Joke of the Day_Hokey Pokey_150x150.jpg
Joke of the Day_Pampered Cow_150x150.jpg
New! Joke of the Day - Forest Gump
New! Joke of the Day - Hokey Pokey
New! Joke of the Day - Pampered Cow
Thank You Nurses_150x1510.jpg  butterfly mandala free printable coloring page   printable rainbow coloring page for adults
Thank You Nurses Coloring Butterfly Coloring Rainbow
 covid 19 stay at home coloring page stay safe coloring page covid 19   balcony party printable sign coronavirus
Coloring Stay Home Coloring Stay Safe Balcony Party Today
 printable sign for driveway happy hour during covid 19  free printable driveway happy hour invitation free printable emoji smiling with teeth 
Driveway Happy Hour 1 Driveway Happy Hour 2 Emojis
 exercise challenge printable window sign  printable dominoes game  happy anniversary black and gold printable window sign
Exercises for Adults Game Dominoes Happy Anniversary
happy birthday with balloons printable window sign
hi neighbors printable window sign
 i love fill in the blank printable window sign
Happy Birthday Hi Neighbors
I Love You
 I miss fill in the blank printable window sign with crying emoji  I stay home for printable window sign  Joke of the Day - 0 8_150x150CC.jpg
I Miss You
I Stay Home for
Joke of the Day - 0 say to 8 
 printable joke of the day: how do you keep a bagel from getting away? printable joke of the day: what do you call a bear with no ears? printable joke of the day: what's red and smells like blue paint? 
Joke of the Day - Bagel
Joke of the Day - Bears
Joke of the Day - Blue Paint
 printable joke of the day: what do you call a chicken on fire?  printable joke of the day: what do you call a cow on fire? printable joke of the day: what do you call a fake noodle? 
Joke of the Day - Chicken
Joke of the Day - Cow
Joke of the Day - Noodle
 printable joke of the day: due to quarantine, I'll only be telling inside jokes printable joke of the day: why did the Oreo go to the dentist?  printable joke of the day: what do you call a pig on fire? 
Joke of the Day - Inside Jokes
Joke of the Day - Oreo
Joke of the Day - Pig on Fire
 printable joke of the day: as a scarecrow, people say I'm outstanding in my field  printable joke of the day: how do you throw a space party?  printable joke of the day: now I know why dogs get so excited for walks.
Joke of the Day - Scarecrow
Joke of the Day - Space Party
Joke of the Day - Walks
 printable joke of the day: why did the yogurt go to the art exhibition printable window activities for kids
Spring Scavenger Hunt_150x150CC.jpg 
Joke of the Day - Yogurt
Kids Activities
Spring Scavenger Hunt
printable stained glass window collage
stained glass color by number free printable
animated teddy bear with hearts printable 
Stained Glass Collage
Stained Glass - Color by Number
Teddy Bear
 thank you first responders printable sign printable tic tac toe game
todays mood is free printable chart 
Thank You First Responders
Tic Tac Toe
Today is Moods
together even when we're apart printable window sign
need a roll of toilet paper, take one printable window sign
stay strong printable sign covid
Together Even When We're Apart
Toilet Paper
USA Stay Strong

 you look great printable sign  

You Look Great