Since the Company’s initial public offering in 1992, we have been firmly committed to open, honest and ethical reporting of our company's activities and accomplishments. Please use this web page to view and download PDF files of our present and past annual reports and proxy statements.

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Annual Reports

Year File Size View File
2019 Annual Report 25.8MB
2018 Annual Report 5.8MB
2017 Annual Report 5.4MB
2016 Annual Report 8MB
2015 Annual Report 6.2MB
2014 Annual Report 1.9MB
2013 Annual Report 3.1MB
2012 Annual Report 667.7KB
2011 Annual Report 955.8KB
2010 Annual Report 2.5MB
2009 Annual Report 1.6MB
2008 Annual Report 1.5MB
2007 Annual Report 638.4KB

For questions regarding investor information prior to the past 10 years, please contact us Monday – Friday, 9am – 5pm CST at 281.897.7785

Proxy Statements

Year File Size View File
2020 Proxy Statement 1.2MB
2019 Proxy Statement 439.5KB
2018 Proxy Statement 2MB
2017 Proxy Statement 681.9KB
2016 Proxy Statement 307KB
2015 Proxy Statement 273.4KB
2014 Proxy Statement 327.1KB
2013 Proxy Statement 411.9KB
2012 Proxy Statement 519.6KB
2011 Proxy Statement 475.9KB
2010 Proxy Statement 952KB
2009 Proxy Statement 770.7KB
2008 Proxy Statement 281.2KB

For questions regarding investor information prior to the past 10 years, please contact us Monday – Friday, 9am – 5pm CST at 281.897.7785

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