National Manufacturing Day 2021

We are excited to participate once again in National Manufacturing Day: an annual celebration hosted by the National Association of Manufacturers (NAM) and The Manufacturing Institute. This year, we will host events throughout October as part of an ongoing effort to showcase the importance of U.S. manufacturing and increase awareness of the outstanding career opportunities in the field. After hosting virtual-only events in 2020, this year’s events will offer a number of options to ensure students and community members can experience the programs safely.

Local Events

What to expect:

  • a look inside modern manufacturing facilities
  • presentations from company leaders
  • question-and-answer sessions
  • interactive games

Events will take place at the following locations:

  • October 1: Siding Group facility in Martinsburg, W. Va. (Register Here)
  • October 15: U.S. Windows facility in Dallas, Texas (Register Here)
  • October 22: Siding Group facility in York, Neb. (Register Here)
  • October 26: Metal Coaters facility in Middletown, Ohio (Register Here)
  • October 27: U.S. Windows facility in Welcome, N.C.
  • October 28: Engineered Buildings facility in Houston, Texas (Register Here)

Why Manufacturing?

Manufacturing is an essential industry, but according to NAM, US manufacturers will need to fill 4 million jobs by 2030, and more than half of those jobs could be left unfilled because of two issues: a skills gap and misperceptions about modern manufacturing. Thanks to an increased commitment to innovation, modern manufacturing is constantly changing, but skilled labor is always needed. Cornerstone Building Brands employs skilled personnel across a number of trades: machine operations, mechanics, transportation, logistics, engineering and drafting.

Current Opportunities

As a leading manufacturer of exterior building products in North America with more than 80 locations, Cornerstone Building Brands is positioned to provide a broad range of career opportunities across a variety of functional areas. We offer positions in manufacturing, construction, sales, project management and shared services such as finance, IT and marketing. Whether you’re a student, recent graduate or experienced professional, there are opportunities for you to share your gifts and talents with our team.

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Why We Work Here


"I like the energy and dedication that you feel working at a plant. I really enjoy the people I work with and motivating them to do their best every day"


"I love my job here at Cornerstone Building Brands and the people I work with. I really like that I can stay busy at all times and the work is fulfilling. At times, the job can be challenging but it is also very rewarding. I’ve enjoyed my time here and I look forward to a long career with Cornerstone Building Brands!"


"Cornerstone was the first company to give me an opportunity when I came back to the area. I really like working hard, working with my hands, and the people that work here."

From Our Leaders

Dan Helman, VP - Environmental, Health, Safety & Sustainability

"I enjoy my career in Manufacturing because it gives me an opportunity to participate in a complex and challenging industry that contributes to providing products that are necessary for day-to-day life. I really like working at Cornerstone Building Brands because the company’s core values of SAFETY, INNOVATION, INTEGRITY and TEAMWORK represent our leaders’ commitment and investment in people to ensure that all employees go home injury free, each and every day."

Aimee Weisenborn, VP - Human Resources Operations & Corporate Functions

"I’ve dedicated my career to helping the employees who are closest to both the customer and the product perform their best work. I have the privilege of learning and sharing the inspiring stories of our employees. At Cornerstone Building Brands, I work collaboratively with a diverse and talented team to find ways to increase our employees’ pride and net-worth, and it is so rewarding. I believe there is a direct correlation between fostering healthy workplace cultures and strong company performance and improving the communities where we live, work and play."

Tim Moore, VP - Continuous Improvement

"There are many careers and fields of study available to help fulfill our sense of purpose in life. For me, Manufacturing has always been a passion. It is intriguing to see how raw materials are processed and transformed into a finished product that we use every day. In my role as Vice President of Continuous Improvement at Cornerstone Building Brands, we analyze the way raw materials are processed into finished goods and propose solutions for to make jobs easier, and build our products faster, better and more cost effective. This is accomplished through philosophies and methodologies of Lean Manufacturing and Continuous Improvement. It requires employees from across the company to come together and exercise our Teamwork core value. Focusing on continuous improvement with my colleagues at Cornerstone Building Brands is one of the most enjoyable and rewarding parts of my job. Together we are committed to respecting and developing all people and encouraging everyone to be involved in the Continuous improvement process. We’re building a strong Continuous Improvement culture throughout our organization, and I am very proud to be a part of the Cornerstone Building Brands Team."