Amber Farris

HR Manager, Single Skin Components
2007 – Present

For Amber Farris, success at NCI runs in the family. Her father distinguished himself over the course of his 25-year career in manufacturing and purchasing, and Amber made her first contribution the day after graduating from high school. She spent the entire summer performing clerical work in an NCI field office, and was hired full-time after completing her degree in HR Communications from the University of Texas at Austin.

Over the past 10 years, Amber has demonstrated strong leadership skills and expanded her professional skillset in the field of human resources, which has enabled her to assume more strategic, senior roles within the organization. Today, she finds herself in the very same field office where her career unofficially began—this time as the HR Manager for our Single Skin Components brand. Read her story below:


Career Milestones:

  • I actually started at NCI the day after I graduated from high school. Right before I went to college, I spent the summer at one of our field locations. I worked with the sales department doing general clerical work.
  • HR Generalist Trainee

    After graduating from UT at Austin with a HR Communications degree, I started out in Accounts Payable. I was there for about a month before moving to the HR department. I started out as an HR Generalist Trainee and spent a lot of time with people in the department trying to figure out what I wanted to do and where I added value.
  • Recruiter

    I ended up going into recruiting, and was pretty much a full-time recruiter. Then I started getting more into on-boarding and pre-employment processing. Then I started learning a little bit more about unemployment and labor law.
  • I really valued my time at the corporate office. I think what the company has been able to do for me is help find where I add value. And not only where I add value, but where I feel passionate, and where I feel like I’m contributing to the company.
  • HR Manager

    This is 10 years that I’ve been with the company and we’ve made so many great strides in advancing our HR department. This is a company that truly understands the importance and the benefit that HR brings to an organization. They get that.
“I think that it’s really important to be passionate about what you do. If you truly enjoy what you do and who you’re working with, and it’s a career you want to pursue, then ultimately I think that makes you successful.”