Chris Bingham

Plant Manager
2003 – Present

Chris Bingham knows exactly what he’s looking for. He’s lived in the same county in Tennessee his whole life, and has been working full-time at NCI for over 14 years. Initially hired as a Machine Operator in 2003, Chris has built a career defined by ambition, opportunity, and advancement.

As part of his journey at NCI, Chris has attained his Certified Welding Inspector credentials and was invited to become a Jack Welch Management Institute cohort, enabling him to pursue his master’s degree in Business Administration—and he’s only getting started. Chris believes that the most important aspect of leadership is serving, and has put this philosophy into practice every day at NCI. Today he serves a team of 125 individuals as a Plant Manager. Read his story below:


Career Milestones:

  • Machine Operator

    My first production job here was as a Machine Operator. I was running what’s called a flange line. I spent a few months running that and was able to move into a programming position in our Production Control office.
  • Shipping Supervisor

    Within a year, I was able to move into a Shipping Supervisor role where I spent three-and-a-half years overseeing our shipping and paint operations.
  • Weld Shop Supervisor

    From that point, I was moved to our weld shop as the Weld Shop Supervisor. I was then promoted to being a Night Shift Superintendent. Then another vacancy opened up for the Day Shift, Plant-wide Superintendent and I was offered that job.
  • Plant Manager

    I stayed in that position for about five years. In December of 2013, I was offered the position of Plant Manager, and I’ve been in that position ever since.
“I always told my dad that one of these days I’d be a leader in a manufacturing facility. Of course, once you get acclimated to doing that, you want to be able to do something even greater. Not just for the opportunity, but for the ability to see other people succeed.”